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28.8.2018 New Sole Azul live video out now, check it on YouTube!

22.5.2018 Lehtojärven Hirvenpää and Sole Azul debut albums recorded, releases in Spring 2019! 

21.5.2018 Very positive review of Koutus' 2nd album in New York City Jazz Record!

19.2.2018 New studio live video of Kalle Vainio's Nocturno for solo accordion on YouTube!

16.2.2018 Hyväluoma Group album Reflection nominated for Teosto Prize!

5.1.2018 Sole Azul on tour, 9 concerts in Finland in January!

28.12.2017 Music For A Family Picnic in the Album Of The Year 2017 -list of Savon Sanomat and Keskisuomalainen!

11.12.2017 Hyväluoma Group nominated for the etno album of the year in Emma Gaala!

2.12.2017 Radio opera Kylmän maan kuningatar now on Yle Areena!

30.11.2017 Premiere of the radio opera 'Kylmän maan kuningatar' on YLE Radio 1 2.12. at 19.00!

4.8.2017 Koutus new album now on Spotify!

9.6.2017 'A Live' out today! Check out all episodes at

9.6.2017 'A Live' album now in iTunes and Google Play.

1.6.2017 New album 'A Live' out 9.6.2017! Check out the video single on YouTube!

1.6.2017 ALFA TV broadcasts Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus' Kokkola gig 7.6.2017 at 9pm!

29.4.2017 Harri Kuusijärvi is the artist guest of Pihtiputaan Kesäkonsertit 2017.

10.4.2017 Hyväluoma Group 2nd album Reflection out now, order here!

13.3.2017 5 stars for Koutus from Savon Sanomat!​

9.3.2017 Helsingin Sanomat: ★★★★

7.3.2017 A wonderfully bizarre record review from Jazzrytmit!

1.3.2017 Colossus liked Koutus, read the review here!

26.2.2017 Some very fresh Koutus was heard in YLE 1 Jazzilta!

22.2.2017 Nice review of our Pori gig in Jazzrytmit!

20.2.2017 A 5 star review for 'Music For A Family Picnic' from newspaper Ilkka!​

17.2.2017 First review: 'A mosaic of sound, let me say.' 4/5 stars from Prog Archives!

17.2.2017 Tonight's Koutus gig at Talviharmonikka will be broadcasted by Alfa TV later this year.​

17.2.2017 Koutus' 2nd album is published! Order here!

3.2.2017 Koutus new album 'Music For A Family Picnic' out 17.2.2017 by Eclipse Music.Preorder here!

11.9.2016 2nd solo album mixed and ready for mastering, really excited about the results!​

5.6.2016 Heading to studio tomorrow with Koutus to record our second album. The one and only Jesse Ojajärvi will join us on drums!​

23.5.2016 Koutus plays at Malmitalo Jazz’n’Jam with a surprise guest. Sunday 29th at 5pm, welcome!​

24.3.2016 Koutus is getting ready to record our second album in June! Super exciting.​

17.3.2016 We’re really glad to announce that percussionist Teho Majamäki has joined Koutus! We thank Tatu Rönkkö for the great past years and wish him all the best with future projects (check out for example Liima)!​

28.9.2015 New live videos from Helsinki Music Centre concert in YouTube

19.8.2015 Great reviews of Koutus’ Turku Jazz Festival show from Jazzrytmit and Turun Sanomat!​

19.8.2015 Koutus performs in Helsinki Music Centre Camerata Hall in October 28th!​

2.3.2015 Great news: bassist Eero Tikkanen is now part of the Koutus line-up!​

2.3.2015 Koutus' debut made it to the FAME TOP 30 albums of the year 2014!​​

7.12.2014 Valon kuvia” blog reviewed Koutus!

17.10.2014 ★★★★​

16.10.2014 Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog chewed a piece of Koutus.​

11.8.2014 FAME: “Koutus is one of the best discs to emerge this year”​

11.8.2014 World Music Central reviewed Koutus: “Startling, stunning and ferocious.”​

15.7.2014 Koutus now available also on vinyl!​

15.6.2014 Jazzrytmit digs Koutus!​

31.5.2014 A very positivie review of Koutus in Turun Sanomat.​

22.5.2014 SOUNDI 5/2014: ★★★★★ for Koutus!​

22.5.2014 Swedish Universum Noll reviews Koutus as one of the highlights of the month.​

25.4.2014 Koutus is now available also in Levykauppa Äx.

22.4.2014 First reviews of Koutus: ★★★★★ from Ilkka and Pohjalainen!​

20.4.2014 Koutus will perform in Allotria, Helsinki the 6th of June 2014.​

10.4.2014 Our debut album is published on CD – available in NaxosDirect!

10.4.2014 “Koutus” will be released in North America 29th of April!​

5.4.2014 Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus is now on Soundcloud!

1.4.2014  Our debut album “Koutus” is now published digitally – download it from Itunes!​

1.4.2014 The release concert of our 1st album will take place in Helsinki, Allotria 6th June.

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