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Harri Kuusijärvi has explored accordion music with an exceptionally wide angle. He is known for his open-minded projects that expand traditional notions of what the accordion can do as an instrument. In recent years he has concentrated especially on electroacoustic possibilities of the instrument.


Kuusijärvi's albums have been noted in wide spectrum of media ranging from classical to rock and from jazz to world music. He has forged a formidable reputation for performing con­temporary repertoire for accordion, and has given concerts in several stages around the world.


Kuusijärvi is the Accordionist of the Year 2023, chosen by Finnish Accordion Association. In 2020 Kuusijärvi was nominated for the Teosto Prize, one of the most noteworthy art prizes in the Nordic countries. In 2011 Kuusijärvi was awar­ded the 2nd prize in Arrasate Hiria, one of world’s most prestigious international ac­cordion contests.

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